Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Languages School

October 16, 2020 |






  Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Languages Middle School was established in 1954 as a public school with seven grades, including 1500 junior and senior students. Among the first authorized schools to enroll overseas students by the government, Ganquan, National Experimental School of UNESCOs Project on Education for Sustainable Development in China, a member of the National Foreign Languages School Committee, is now a show piece for expanding foreign exchanges. It is also a National School Base in the Chinese Language Council International. Since now, Ganquan hasover 30 sibling schools in Australia, Germany, Canada, France, Britain, America, Japan, Korea and Thailand and has entered into a series of contacts of goodwill, external extensive cooperation in the form of annual exchange-visitingand communication programs. School foreign languages curriculum comprises English, Japanese, German, French, Korean, etc. .

Passion for the nation, perspective of the globalization is the philosophy of Ganquan. Our education feature is a rich diversity of foreign language development with Japanese taking the lead. Our principle of education is to foster modern, well-mannered and highly competitive students with a strong personality and a global perspective.


Address: No. 400, Yichuan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai