Shanghai Caoyang NO. 2 High School

October 16, 2020 |







Shanghai Caoyang NO.2 High School was founded in 1954, and was nominated as one of the key high schools in Shanghai.Jiang Zemin,former Chairman of China once made the inscription of “Diligence, Enterprise,Pragmatism and Innovation”during his visit to the school.

The school currently employs a faculty of 164 members and organizes 33 classes, accommodating approximately 1300 students.The school boasts beautiful campus environment and diversified school activities, including the top-rate female football team, the Go team and the music band. The school is renowned for its distinguishing quality of teaching in Shanghai which is evidenced in fact that more than 80% of the students are admitted by elite universities in China, US and Germany.

Caoyang NO.2 High School has long held the Chinese traditional culture in high esteem, advocating humanities and meanwhile promoting science.In 2009, the school was designated by the cooperative program between the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipal Government as “the Pilot School for Cultivating Students’Innovative Capacity during High School Period”.The piloting program of the cultivation innovative ability was launched and implemented accordingly. The school has scored quite a number of achievements in terms of fostering cutting-edge talents in humanities, the cultivation of learned and erudite talents, and the education of both ethics and technology. In 2011, the school has been awarded as the National Model Unit, with its pioneering reforms in teaching being fully recognized by the Ministry of Education.

With respect to international exchange, the school puts emphasis on fostering students’creativity and broadening their global perspective, especially the friendly exchange with Europe. At the present, the school has formed cordial links with schools in Italy, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Britain, etc.

Caoyang NO.2 High School was approved as the test school for DSD in 2009. Over the past six years, the school has made remarkable contributions in promoting German and cultural communication between China and Germany. Our teaching level of the German language has been highly spoken of by the Foreign Exchange Office of the Ministry of Education in Germany.Hence, our school has been graded as the top DSD school.The Shanghai Educational Commission has established a secretariat for friendly exchanges with Germany in Caoyang NO.2 High School.In 2001, Caoyang NO.2 High School launched their cooperative project of teaching science and technolog