Shanghai Changzheng Secondary School

October 16, 2020 |

Shanghai Changzheng Secondary School is a public full-time school in Putuo District, founded in 1965 and moved to the new school campus on No.919 Zhenguang Road (code: 200333) in 1997. It covers an area of 31 mu (1 mu=666.67 square meters). The floor space is 20,000 square meters. 40of the campus is covered with trees and flowers. The school has high standard equipment, such as a modern audio-visual center, an entire computer net, a monitoring system, three computer rooms, an electronic reading room and a library. The school also has a lecture hall, a rehearsing hall, a big indoor stadium, plastic runway and a big green football field. Up to 2014, there are 33 teaching classrooms,125 staff (35 of them are Senior-level teachers) and nearly 1300 students (from 11 years old to 18 years old) at school. Every classroom is equipped with an all-in-one PC and an air-conditioner.

The school has won more than 10 titles of honors conferred by Shanghai municipality. In 2008, the school was named anExperimental and ModelSenior High School in Putuo District. Since 2003, the school has been “Model Unit of Shanghai” for 5 years. In 2010, Putuo China-UK Education Exchange Center was established in our school. In 2011, the school won the title of “the International School” released by British Council. In 2014, the school won the title of Shanghai Garden Unit.

  One the distinctive features of the school is spoken English. In order to improve the students’ spoken English and increase their interest of learning English, since 1998the school has continuously invited foreign teachers from Canada, America and Britain to teach spoken English. Up to 2014, the school has held 12 successfulSpoken English Festivals-English Cultural Week. Since 2001, the school has established an excellent partnership with The Ashcombe School, UK. Later on, since 2007 we also became sister school with Belle Vue Girls’ School, UK; Leo Baeck Education Centre, Israel; Boli Secondary School, Singapore; St. Joseph College, UK. Every year, we conduct exchanges in education as well as teaching with these sister schools.

The Principle of the school is Self-confidence, Self-improvement, Independence, Active development. Based on that, Princpal Li Shao Bao wrote down our School Motto which is Inspired to succeed; Determined to learn with Insightful thinking, and a Passion for the global community.

The School pays high attention to students’ moral education and good behaviors.The school is one of the very first schools got the title of Model School of Middle School Students Behavior in Shanghai. The school enjoys a good appreciation among the parents and the students for its good school spirit and learning atmosphere, thus winning a good social reputation. We will continue to work hard to make Changzheng Secondary School a first-class ordinary school with leading revolution, bright characteristics, high quality, excellent school spirit and beautiful environment.