Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Language Middle School Excels at 2020 Skills Competition

February 02, 2021 |

Students of Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Language Middle School won several prizes at the foreign language skills competition organized by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press Co., Ltd. in 2020. The competition’s categories included giving lectures by video, dubbing and creative hand-copied papers in foreign languages of Japanese, German, French and Spanish.

After competitions at the school level, a total of 440 works from 85 middle schools entered the national final. Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Language Middle School won the excellent organizing award and several of its students won medals at different levels in the competition.

Among the school’s  students, Xu Shuxin won the first prize in the Japanese lectures by video category, Zhu Xiaowen came third in the category of giving lectures by video in Germany while Yuan Yiting won the third prize in the same category in Spanish. Huang Zichen and Dai Enqi won the second prize for German dubbing and Xu Yixiao and Zhang Mingshu received the third prize for French dubbing. Xu Kaixin was runner-up in the Spanish creative hand-copied papers category.

Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Language Middle School, focusing on Japanese education with development of education of other foreign languages encourages its students to join national competitions so that they can make new friends and become modern citizens with a global vision.