Japanese learning achievements of Ganquan Foreign Language Middle School students selected as excellent works by People’s Education Press

July 03, 2020 |

On June 26, 2020, 13 students of Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Language Middle School won the “excellent works” honor in the online solicitation of Japanese language learning achievements initiated by People’s Education Press, with the theme of “record growth with voice and depict hope with colors”.

 At the beginning of the year, the online campaign received a positive response from Japanese-language middle school students across the country. More than 150 schools from 18 provinces, autonomous regions and provincial-level municipalities submitted 759 works in total. Among them, junior and senior high school students, all Japanese language learners, actively participated in the activity, and finally 13 entries stood out and were selected as excellent works, which will be displayed on the official website of People’s Education Press.

Excellent Japanese Writing Award

Jin Chengyou    Class 6, Grade 6   Instructor: Shen Yang

Zhang Zihan  Class 6, Grade 8  Instructor: Wang Jin

Excellent Text Reading Award

Zhao Yuyan   Class 6, Grade 6   Instructor: Shen Yang

Lu Yixin   Class 5, Grade 7   Instructor: Chen Jun

Liu Yuetian   Class 6, Grade 7  Instructor: Sun Xiaojue

Tan Sichen  Class 6, Grade 7  Instructor: Sun Xiaojue

Wen Xue   Class 6, Grade 7   Instructor: Sun Xiaojue

Wu Wenfei   Class 4, Grade 9   Instructor: Gao Huaibing

Excellent Design Award

Zhong Yijing   Class 5, Grade 6  Instructor: Ren He

Xu Zishan   Class 6, Grade 6  Instructor: Shen Yang

Liu Yicheng   Class 5, Grade 7  Instructor: Chen Jun

Miao Yan   Class 6, Grade 7  Instructor: Sun Xiaojue

Ding Zhiyang  Class 3, Grade 10  Instructor: Shen Yang

These works reflect the satisfactory achievements of Japanese language teaching in Ganquan school, and fully showcase the spiritual outlook of contemporary Chinese teenagers and their good wishes for China and Japan to join hands and together fight the novel coronavirus epidemic.