Overseas Teachers’ Hearts Are with Students

June 03, 2020 |

Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Language Middle School Conducts Diverse Online Teaching

Following arrangements made by the Shanghai Education Commission and the Putuo District Education Bureau, Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Language Middle School has reopened to students. Despite the fact that most foreign teachers are still aboard and thus unable to have face-to-face communications, they have adapted to the ongoing pandemic situation and developed diverse online teaching methods, which promotes the school’s multilingual teaching.

Ochs, who teaches German to several grades, tailored his themes of teaching pedagogy to the needs of his students, including fast food, immigration, social integration, etc., which progressively train their ability of critical thinking and cross-cultural comprehension. Plus, by improving his operational capability of various hardware and software, he is able to provide the students with all-round instructions.

French teacher Kim spared no effort in collecting teaching materials, compiling test questions, and actively participating in constructing the college entrance examination question bank. She has recorded A1-B1 level videos for students of all grades. Moreover, Kim often leaves messages to her students on the corrected homework, sharing her life in France and encouraging them to overcome difficulties and to work hard.

English teacher Gabriel has created a series of videos on the theme of Chinese and English cultures, which includes various topics, such as the introduction to architecture, the discovery of food, and a discussion on films.

Kim Min-ting, the Korean teacher, met everyone online by recording video lectures. Her topic of “Family month” helped students understand the important festivals in South Korea. Although teacher Irina was still in Spain, she endeavored to “cross” the time zone and adjusted her internal clock in order to teach oral Spanish at noon every day to first- and second-year senior high school students. She has recorded high-quality teaching videos and created a Spanish public account on WeChat to provide students with multi-dimensional guidance.

Japanese teacher Usui selected popular topics to carry out online Japanese teaching, such as sakura appreciation, Japan’s fight against the COVID-19, International Children's Day and home-based life, etc. Besides, she regularly conducted online oral training during her lunch break. Fukushima, who has returned to the frontline of teaching, continued to prepare wonderful Japanese cultural lectures for junior high school Grade Three students and senior high school Grade One students. She guided her students to diverse experiences via interactions and communications, and her sweet smile brought warmth and confidence to her students. As a senior high school teacher in charge of many grades, Kusanui carefully corrected the essays of nearly 200 students every week, exchanged emails individually with them and collected and categorized common mistakes via video teaching.

It is this team of high-quality foreign language teachers that has ensured multi-language teaching at the school, which looks forward to an early reunion with them at the Ganquan campus.