Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Language Middle School Breaks Record in DSD II Test

May 06, 2020 |

With the COVID-19 pandemic effectively under control in China, companies have gradually resumed production, and online courses have been perfected. Also, there has been a slew of exciting news, including some good news from the Germany DSD examination center, which revealed that nine students from the 2020 German class of Ganquan Foreign Language Middle School had passed the recent DSD II examination with the highest C1 Level! Among the students, Jiang Tianwei got full marks in listening, speaking, reading, and writing tests (close to the level of a native speaker), Cao Zixin got full marks in speaking, and Yan Xu and Zhang Wenjun got full marks in reading! Many others scored 20 or more points in the four tests! In fact, Ganquan Foreign Language Middle School has kept a 100 percent pass rate in the DSD II Examination for eight years in a row.

The DSD II (Deutsches Sprach-Diplom, German Language Diploma) is the internationally unified, highest-level language test set for middle school students learning German all over the world. It is divided into four tests: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and each test scores separately.

The German course at the Ganquan Foreign Language Middle School has been set up as the first foreign language for 13 years, during which the school has explored and established a double-track teaching mode, “German plus Science” and “German plus Arts”. The school has set goals aimed at students’ long-term interests and all-round abilities. It has developed the pedagogy of teaching focusing on students’ personality and orderly preparation for tests to cultivate outstanding students with solid basic skills, comprehensive quality, extraordinary hobby and versatility, and an international perspective.