New consul general of Italy in Shanghai Michele Cecchi visits Caoyang No. 2 High School Education Group

June 25, 2019 |

On June 20, 2019, Michele Cecchi, new consul general of Italy in Shanghai, and Alberto Manai, head of the culture division of the Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai, accompanied by Wang Jue, deputy director of Putuo District; Fan Yigang, deputy inspector of the district and director of the Putuo Education Bureau; and Wang Yang, headmaster of Caoyang No. 2 High School, visited Chaochun Central Primary School, Xinglong High School and Caoyang No. 2 High School affiliated to Caoyang No. 2 High School Education Group to take stock of the progress of the Italian language curriculum at the schools.

The Consul General first went to Xinglong High School. Headmaster Zheng Chong introduced the motto: “Try hard to do everything well” and the design concept of “Traditional culture immersing campus”. He sat in on an Italian class, where students recited the work “Tutti gli animali” (Animals), written by Italian children’s writer Gianni Rodari. The Consul General also visited art classrooms, calligraphy classrooms and students’ creative works, and learned a variety of school-based courses. Finally, the teachers and students of Xinglong High School presented the Consul General with the “Fu (Fortune)” calligraphy, written by the students, and sand paintings conveying Chinese-Italian friendship.

Next, the Consul General and his entourage visited Chaochun Central Primary School. Under the guidance of Headmaster Huang Jianping, they inspected the school’s ecological grass garden. The Consul General showed great interest in Chinese herbal medicine courses with distinctive Chinese characteristics. They then attended Italian language classes in grades three and four. The students who had not studied Italian for long, however, unflinchingly introduced themselves in the language and sang a newly-learnt alphabetic song. Their innocent faces left a deep impression on the Consul General.

Finally, the Consul General and his entourage came to Caoyang No. 2 High School, visited the Italian Library, and talked to students about their future aims and professional choices in Italy. The Consul General introduced his hometown of Prato and appreciated the Alliano version of the “Great Universal Geographic Map” donated by the University of Brescia, Italy. In the library, teachers and students in the Italian class prepared a brief welcome ceremony for the Consul General. Headmaster Wang Yang introduced the opening and development of the Italian project. Afterwards, the Consul General spoke highly of the efforts of the Caoyang No. 2 High School Education Group in setting up Italian courses, and reviewed the long-standing friendship between China and Italy. He also talked about President Xi Jinping’s visit to Italy in March this year and sent his best wishes for the students to achieve academic success in Italy.

Finally, Wang Jue expressed her gratitude to the Consul General for his visit and wished the students, who plan to go to Italy for studies, well.

Before leaving, grade three students of Caoyang No. 2 High School presented a carefully drawn ink painting “Watching Lushan Mountain Waterfall” as a gift to the Consul General. The students who participated in the creation also explained the meaning of the painting in Italian, which gave the Consul General an opportunity to get a glimpse of the charm of freehand in Chinese painting.