Putuo delegation joined the 11th Singapore-Shanghai Roundtable Meeting on Fundamental Education

December 03, 2018 |

On March 27, Putuo education delegation attended the 11th Singapore-Shanghai Roundtable Meeting on Fundamental Education, themed "The Confluence of Joy of Learning and Innovation", on behalf of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. The meeting was jointly sponsored by Schools Division of Singapore Ministry of Education and SMEC, supported by the Schools North Branch and ASTA School of Business and Technology


Students from three schools in the branch performed to open the event for the guests. Ms. Low Yoke Kiew, director of the North Branch and Putuo delegation leader Ge Wei gave a speech respectively. The two parties had a heated discussion addressing to how to develop students' core qualities that meet with a country's talent demand in the 21st century. Principal Wang Chunhua from the Middle School Affiliated to Putuo Education Institute talked about encouraging teachers to become creative and starting a group for teachers to learn together so as to inspire students to enjoy learning. Vice Principal Li Ying from Yichuan High School shared about the educational reform on innovation design, curriculum, students' quality map and level-educating model. Principal Xu Yuejin of Xinyang Middle School explained how the school provides a system for both students and teachers to develop. Principal Xia Shiyong of Tongchuan Middle School told about the principle of "natural education" and how the school walks on the special path that integrates fundamental education, information technology, life education and traditional culture. 


The Singapore counterparts gave brilliant ideas as well. Principals from Chung Cheng High School, Furen International School, Qihua Primary School and others also expressed opinions including learning experience, innovation and teachers role in approaching relevant goals. 


Putuo delegation also visited four schools in Singapore to have a deeper understanding of local fundamental education. According to the agreement between Singapore Ministry of Education and SMEC, a new round of the roundtable meeting in 2019 will be held by Putuo Education Bureau.