Intercultural Ability and Global Citizen--the 2018 China-Australia Principals Forum Kicks off

December 03, 2018 |

The 2018 China-Australia Principals Forum, "Intercultural Ability and Global Citizen", was held at Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Language School on September 14. The event is sponsored by Hanban, the Education Department of Australia Victorian Government and International Education Association Shanghai and supported by Putuo Education Bureau. It is an important part of "2018 Chinese Bridge--Group Activity for Australian Middle and Primary School Principals". Over 20 Victorian principals from main schools in the state were invited to visit China between September 10 and 20. 

From September 12 to 14, the delegation walked into 10 middle and primary schools in Putuo to watch the class and talk with teachers and students to understand the curriculums, teaching management and teacher team building in Shanghai. They also concluded for the immersive visit on September 14. 

Before the official launch of the forum, the delegation also had a group discussion with the district's 10 school masters to exchange ideas on respective education system and schools. Officials including Director Jiang Haishan of International Education Association Shanghai, Deputy Director Lu Lili of SMEC International Exchange Office and Director Fan Yigang of Putuo Education Bureau attended the meeting.

The forum consisted of two parts. In the first speech section where four guests, Senior Adviser Ken Lee from Victoria's Education and Training Department, Principal Kathryn Sharpe of Tulliallan Primary School, Principal Zheng Chong of Xinglong Middle School and Principal Sun Naxin of Wuning Road Primary School, spoke on the school's role in building students' intercultural ability in terms of curriculum setting and school practice. The second session for discussion asked Principal Robyn James of Malvern Primary School, Principal Dale Perichon of Collingwood School, Principal Xu Xiaofang of Ganquan Foreign Language School, Principal Ji Changyou of Peijia Bilingual School and Principal Lu Lili of Guanlong New Estate Primary School talked about how language and technology work in cultivating intercultural ability and education.

Mr. Hamish Curry, president of Asia Education Foundation of University of Melbourne and Fan Yigang concluded the forum.

In the modern world, the intercultural ability is becoming increasingly important, said Mr. Hamish. We need to overcome the difficulties and bias to improve such ability. During the process we need to learn the language for communication, respect in different ways and skills, make moves and think about how to cooperate since we are young.

Fan extended warm welcome to the delegation and wished for further communication in the future. He said, the cost to gain knowledge is getting lower; we need to gain not only knowledge, but also the methods and skills to gain knowledge. We stress the utilization of knowledge as well as students' values. We will also guide students to face the uncertainties in the world with innovation, so that they can better live and develop. He addressed to his understanding of cross-culture, which covers three aspects, the abilities to communicate, to understand and to analyze. True intercultural education should give students the three abilities, which is a goal we go after.