Yokohama Teachers’ Delegation Visits Putuo For Friendly Exchanges

October 13, 2018 |




A teachers’ delegation from Yokohama visited Putuo between August 8 and 12, as a part of the Shanghai-Yokohama sister-city exchange project.


The teachers went to several schools in the district, including Ganquan Foreign Language Middle School, No.4 Middle School Affiliated to East China Normal University and Jinzhou Primary School as well as education institutions like Jingrui Education and Bestic.


Tang Xiaoyan, deputy director of Putuo Education Bureau, briefed the guests on the basic situation of the district’s education and international exchanges.


The guests appreciated the hospitality of their host and shared their ideas about Putuo education after the visits.


They also described a school-day life of middle and primary school students in Japan and discussed with their Chinese counterparts on cultivating students’ individual characters, education of special students and the system to train teachers.   


Both sides believed that the visit has facilitated mutual understanding of education conditions in the two cities and opened a new channel for more frequent exchanges in the future.