UNESCO Holds a Top Level Lifelong Learning Forum In Putuo

October 21, 2018 |


A UNESCO lifelong learning forum was held in Putuo from October 18 to 20.


With the topic “Lifelong Learning as A Fundamental Approach for Sustainable Development: Concepts, Policies and Strategies,” it’s the first top level UNESCO meeting of experts in this field held in China.


Sponsored by UNESCO Institute of Lifelong Learning, its branch in China, Putuo District government, East China Normal University and Shanghai Open University, the forum gathered researchers and officials from 25 countries to discuss the matter.


Putuo District Director Zhou Minhao spoke at the ceremony.


The district has been leading China’s community learning, he said. Through socialized operation and with governmental assistance, the distribution of educational resources in the district has been optimized and the environment for lifelong learning is taking shape.


Wang Jue, the deputy head of the district, said in an interview that old people now have higher demands for lifelong education and Putuo is looking for a way to integrate relevant resources to create a convenient community-based continued education system.


A policy brief was formed at the meeting. The forum representatives also attended the open ceremony for Shanghai’s 14th Lifelong Learning Week afterwards.