General information of education in Putuo district

October 18, 2020 |

There are 178 education institutions (in Putuo district), including 78 kindergartens, 25 elementary schools, 15 junior middle schools ,20 twelve-year coherent schools, 5 senior high schools ,7 secondary schools ,3 special schools ,1 secondary vocational school,1 spare-time university, 1 spare-time secondary technical school, 1 institute of education ,9 community schools and 12 other units to provide for the function of the system of Putuo District education from aspect of human resource ,finance etc. There are 93463 students totally , including 36419 pupils, 18535 junior middle school students, and 8178 senior high students, 28105 kindergarten students, and 1576 technical secondary technical school students.10050 teachers are on regular payroll, including 7768 full-time teachers.


In order to achieve the core idea of “improving study and life quality for every student” and make every education institution better in our district, we deeply implement the “Ring-Chain-Point” strategy of high quality education, instantly improve public educational service system, promote education equality, and upgrade education quality. Currently, there are 3 experimental and exemplary middle schools including Caoyang No.2 high school, Jinyuan Senior School and Yichuan High school. In compulsory education period ,we have not only traditional “well-known schools” including attached elementary school of ECNU, Chaochun central elementary school and Wuning road elementary school ,but also Xunyang Road elementary school , Jiangning school and Luochuan school, which are nominated as “New high-quality schools”. The compulsory education of our district is now developed equally with high quality. There are also 4 exemplary kindergartens in our district including Shiyan kindergarten ,Putuo kindergarten of Shanghai UNICEF , Tongdemeng artistic kindergarten and Lvzhou kindergarten.The ratio of High-quality kindergartens is 66% .Our district is awarded as “community educational exemplary district of China”


Purpose: Satisfactory education for Putuo people


Target: Achieving modernization of Putuo education and build a powerful educational district


Core idea: Improving the studying and life quality for every student


Strategy: On the basis of “Ring-Chain-Point” strategy and focus on students’ core literacy, teachers’ core capability and the core competitive power of schools, regional new educational development strategy featuring qualified, informatization and international education and strengthening the corps of teachers is implemented to completely improve regional education govern system and capability modernization.


Spirit of Putuo education: Empower connotation, Advance despite difficulties, Attach importance to cooperation ,unite in a concerted effort, Pursuit quality , pragmatic practice.