Market supervision administration official visits China-Israel hub

December 15, 2022 |

Zhou Wenwei, deputy director of the Putuo District Market Supervision Administration, accompanied officials of the Shanghai Medical Devices and Cosmetics Evaluation and Verification Center to visit the China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Hub on November 22.

Zhou helped guide the work of biological pharmaceutical product registration guidance service workstation in Putuo District, and organized five enterprises looking to apply innovative medical devices to hold a work forum on the same day.

Through solving the problems of enterprises, the forum aimed to deal with a large number of policies, regulations and standards introduced in recent years and help enterprises understand the latest policies and systems.

Center director Fan Zhijin and some experts put forward suggestions based on existing policies and regulations to answer the questions raised by the enterprises.

The market supervision administration will continue to take the workstation as a bridge to strengthen coordination with the municipal drug administration and the center, help enterprises to solve practical difficulties encountered in the registration, improve the efficiency of the review and approval of medical devices in Putuo, and accelerate the implementation of industrial projects.

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