Israeli brand emerges on Double 11 stage

December 09, 2022 |

Sal-Vento, located in the China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Hub, is an Israeli cosmetics brand recommended and invited by the Israeli Consulate-General in Shanghai, owning the right to explore the Dead Sea resources in Israel.

Li Qiang, China head of Sal-Vento, is planning live sales at the annual shopping frenzy Double 11 ranging from product specifications and background setting to anchor selection.

 “The beauty market in China is changing dramatically. Young consumers are on the rise, and they have completely different consumer habits from their elders. They like to try new products, follow trends, and get updated information from social networking sites. Sal-Vento just fits the new generation of consumers,” said Li.

Like other foreign brands entering China, Sal-Vento has introduced a full range of skincare product lines, mainly entering the offline channels of department stores and supermarkets in major cities. Starting from 2022, Li sought the most suitable layout strategy for market positioning, and finally created hit products by reducing the number of skincare products.

In 2020, Sal-Vento entered the China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Hub. Taking advantage of the rapidly growing domestic skincare consumer group, exquisite technology and the unique advantages of Dead Sea resources, the annual sales volume of Sal-Vento increased from 5 million yuan (US$718,500) in 2019 to 140 million yuan in 2021.

In the first month of its entry into the Douyin, or TikTok, platform, Sal-Vento has achieved sales of 5 million yuan. “We opened a new e-commerce enterprise in Putuo District this year to facilitate the future development of live streaming,” said Li.

The hub offered huge support during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, so the company could see a 1.5 times increase in sales in two months compared to last year, he added.

“By the end of October, we had paid more than 1 million yuan in taxes in Putuo. We believe that with the gradual improvement of the hub and the Taopu area (where the hub is located), we will also develop faster and better,” added Li.

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