Taopu Smart City: Green, smart, livable and suitable for business

December 02, 2022 |

The concept of integrating industry and city is being pushed forward at full speed by several key projects in Taopu Smart City in Putuo District, in which there are green and smart office buildings and industries suitable for work and living.

The Taopu Science and Innovation Service Center construction project is the first scientific research project of Taopu Smart City, covering an area of 2,275 square meters. Through energy saving, water saving, material saving and other emerging technologies, the project creates a healthy and efficient environmental space.

The project offers personalized services according to different roles of employees and visitors, in different scenarios through face recognition and Bluetooth non-sensory activation, said Sui Jin, deputy general manager of Shanghai Taopu Smart City.

The China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Hub is adjacent to several plots of land, which together form a multi-functional commercial office center and landmark architectural complex – Top Smart City of Industrial and City Complex.

Zone A is a “24×7” all-weather open and dynamic urban area integrating office, business, talent service, entertainment and leisure; Zone B is a scientific innovation service system integrating old and new buildings with scientific innovation elements; Zone C is a garden-style scientific research office area with the largest volume and the most diversified form; Zone D will build a landmark tower with a top height of about 180 meters.

“Land acquisition, storage and ecological restoration have been the focus of our work in the past few years. In the coming years, our work will focus on accelerating the construction of carriers, attracting investment and transferring land,” said Wang Shen, Party secretary and chairman of Shanghai Taopu Smart City Development and Construction Co., Ltd.

To build a good urban space, about 300,000 square meters of residential land was launched in Taopu Smart City in the third quarter of 2022. In addition to residential facilities, key projects in medical care, education and culture sectors as well as leisure facilities are also progressing, with Guohua Life Insurance Shanghai Putuo health care center, Shanghai Thomas School, ice sports center and other supporting construction projects in various fields enriching the land.

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