Brand innovation base set up at CIIH

January 22, 2021 |

The Shanghai Trademark Brand Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base and the China (Shanghai) Intellectual Property Rights Protect Assistance Workstation were launched at the China-Israel Innovation Hub (CIIH, Shanghai) recently. Being the first batch of the municipality, the base’s grounding at the CIIH is a new measure to turn Shanghai into an intellectual property highland.
The hub now owns 37 valid trademarks, 22 utility model patents, 68 software registrations, 19 inventions, five patents for utility models, one appearance patent, and one appearance patent under application, while nearly 10 other patent applications are under preparation.
With collaboration between the hub, the intellectual property office, and third-party agents, the base will offer more diversified financial support, more comprehensive and targeted trademark brand management service, and faster patent examination process, which will work together to accelerate the clustering of high-tech and innovative brands.
In future, Putuo District will take the construction of the base as a priority to further facilitate industrial clusters, improve the intellectual property right service system, and foster innovation and entrepreneurship, thus facilitating regional economic development.

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