One Health Experience Center launched at CIIH

January 15, 2021 |

The One Health Experience Center was recently completed at the China-Israel Innovation Hub, Shanghai, with the joint efforts of the hub and the Guangzhou Sino-Israel Bio-Industry Incubation Center.

This newly-built center enables people to have a glimpse of the future biotechnology, such as the “Sensor + AI” that monitors vital signs, a machine that can handle eye checks, and physical games that exercise children’s attention and treat hyperactivity (ADHD).

Not only does the center meet the needs of local people, but has also established a sustainable and complementary development model for China-Israel innovation cooperation. So far, the CIIH has attracted 32 enterprises, institutions, and projects, including Trendlines Incubator, Tianyu Care, and e-Health Incubator.

The agglomeration of bio-industry resources also owes to the cross-regional link between Shanghai and Guangzhou, which integrates the China-Israel innovation achievements. Over the past year, the CIIH has activated the engine of innovation and further enhanced research and development in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics, healthcare and bioscience, the Internet and information technology.

Focusing on life and health, a major field of the CIIH, the One Health Experience Center is another landmark in China-Israel innovation cooperation, which will have a positive clustering impact in the future.

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