Geographical Location


Putuo District is located in the northwest of Shanghai, bordering Jing ‘an District, Changning District, Jiading District, Baoshan District and others. It covers an area of 55.53 square kilometers, with 8 streets and 2 towns under its jurisdiction. Suzhou River flows through Putuo District for 14 kilometers and its coastline is 21 kilometers long.


By the end of 2019, Putuo District had a permanent resident population of 1,275,800, of which 340,300 were non-residents.

Location advantages

Located in the northwest of downtown Shanghai, Putuo District is the starting point of Shanghai-Nanjing development axis, and also an important land gateway and transportation hub connecting the Yangtze River Delta and the mainland of Shanghai. Putuo district of foreign traffic has developed external transport network, 10 km away from Hongqiao integrated transportation hub, 50 km away from Pudong International Airport, where Shanghai-Nanjing intercity railway and metro line 11, line 15, and line 21 in planning will be available to realize “zero transfer” at the west railway station in Shanghai comprehensive transportation hub so that the formation of regional comprehensive transportation will be achieved. G2, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, runs across the urban section, and S5, the Shanghai-Jiading expressway connects G2 in both northern part and southern part. The G204 and G312 national highways, starting from Putuo District, can reach the Yangtze River Basin, northeast and northwest regions. Meanwhile, Putuo District enjoys convenient internal transportation, with the inner, middle and outer ring lines all traverse through the area, and rail transit lines 3, 4, 7, 11, 13 and 15 (line 14 is under construction) connecting all central districts of Shanghai with neighboring suburbs.